Collector's Sneakers: Much More than Sportswear

So many sneakers, so little time. Different ages and generations, countries and cultures, find common ground when it comes to footwear.

If you'd asked someone fifty years ago what they thought of your brand new basketball sneakers for the office, they'd probably have said you were crazy.

Happily for some, in recent decades the world has evolved and what you can and can't wear is no longer an issue.

One thing that has definitely changed is the fact that we now wear our sneakers daily, for work, meetings, dinner with friends and so on.

It all started with a boom in sales of Converse shoes in the Seventies, which were designed for playing basketball but quickly became a must-have for fashion and streetwear lovers around the world. The “Pro Leather High” sneakers up for auction, worn by Roshelle for a music video, are possible one of the best examples of this legendary footwear.

Next up is Michael Jordan who's left a giant footprint on planet sport.

The styles created especially for the American legend quickly crossed over to sidewalks of America and the rest of the world, breaking down barriers between sports and lifestyle clothing forever.

You will find styles including Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 5 up for auction. Today these are high value styles, thanks in part to collaborations with the well-known brand Off-White, but they were once simply the shoes MJ wore on the NBA courts.

Today we don't think anything of people turning up at the office in suits teamed with footwear used for basketball or skateboard but if it hadn't been for some bold trailblazers, all these colorful, comfortable sneakers would have remained niche market items exclusively for die-hard fans. 

Sports/rap combo sneakers have become one of the hottest trends over the last 3-4 years. From here came the idea to set up a charity campaign in support of footballers and singers.

Besides the Converse sneakers belonging to the young and promising Italian pop singer Roshelle, the campaign includes a pair of Nike and Jordan, donated by Baselli (two styles in collaboration with Off-White). You will also find a truly rare pair of Asics x G-shock from the collection of teen idol Emis Killa and DJ Shablo's most recent drop - the Enterprise Japan.

If sneakers enjoy huge popularity today it's in part thanks to stars who've taken them from the streets to the big screen and social media.

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss your chance to bag your pair of exclusive sneakers!